Why can't you look at my face?

February 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Why can't you look at my face?
But you stare at every other place.
Your eyes stay hooked on my chest.
But what about the rest?
What about the rest of me?
It is also there for you to see.
What about my pretty blue eyes?
Instead you think about spreading my thighs.
Do you even care that I'm smart?
No, because you only want the nasty part.
I wish you could see me for who I am.
And not like some nice piece of ham.
You should really see that I am a girl.
Not some car you can take for a whirl.
So no, you can't get in my pants.
And you will never ever get the chance.
Because your a no good, nasty boy,
Who thinks all girls are a toy.
Well guess what? I'm not a toy.
Because of you a no good, nasty boy!

The author's comments:
This piece is about a girl who is staying abstinent but the boys all try to stray her from that and don't really care about her.

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