Antidote, Please MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I spy him in the hall
Among our shoutingclassmates.
Loud I-told-you-sos and see-ya-laters echo around me.
As Istop, for a split second, I wonder
Should I ignore?
Should I exchange agrin?
Should I punch him for making me feel this way?
Should I say,"Good morning?"
Why am I, a smart, linguistic, spirited kid, soupended by the face I've met for years?
Lucky me, with friends all around,jabbering on
About something that turned from intriguing to dull in a splitsecond.
If there's no solution to this irregular and acute equation,
howwill I survive the hallways?
The knowledge of futurecomplications has hit me.
He is in many of my classes.
I hope hope hope hecan't read my face this time.
Maybe I can sneak into the elevator
And callfor an antidote.
Do they serve antidote to minors suffering from symptoms of(gulp) love?
Antidote, please.

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