John's Eyes

July 22, 2009
By StormPraiser91 SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
StormPraiser91 SILVER, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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It was noon, or somewhere thereabouts
The summer sun hung high
And on my back I lay stretched out
And studied his blue eyes

My face was warmed by wisps of grass
As John began to speak
His eyes remembered things long past
His voice was soft and sweet

The years, engraved deep in his eyes
Sixty, or maybe more
And more good years than otherwise
From what I could infer

His eyes took on a deep blue tint
Of sparkling, handsome years
A younger man, a sailor then,
Stood strong and knew no fear

The sea, the flag, the endless sky
Which he lived to defend
Seemed to have left within his eyes
Their deep cerulean

He told me of God's precious grace
And how he was saved by Christ
A tear spilled down across his face
His eyes filled up with light

They mellowed to a softer blue
With years of passing life
But still retained a loving glow
When he spoke of his wife

And swelled up with a father's joy
Remembering their births
His daughters, and his baby boy
His greatest loves on earth

His thoughts returned to present day
His eyes were tired again
And looked down at where I still lay
Watching the setting sun

He saw how my eyes glittered green
Naïve, untouched by years
Undaunted, bright, sweet seventeen
And glistening with tears

He stroked my wild, unruly hair
And in his gentle eyes
I saw myself reflected there
Just then, I realized

That I am not immune to age
Nor invincible to time
My youth is just a passing stage
And not forever mine

Someday my turquoise eyes will fade
And lose their reckless light
And tell, in softer, wiser shades
The story of my life

I hope the life my eyes tell of
When sparkling years are gone
Evokes the same admiring love
That my heart feels for John

The author's comments:
dedicated to my neighbor, John

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