July 22, 2009
By AishaLee BRONZE, Utopia, New York
AishaLee BRONZE, Utopia, New York
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a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life.

So many people on this planet &&
yet only one on my mind.

The things that were said,
the memories made, the love shared.

So many things we took for granted
we now wish we could do over.

Thinking back now, no one ever really sees the end coming until it's arrived.

Because of that, trying to fix something in its final stages is as complicated at maintaining the relationship in the first place.

Its unfortunate to think situations that could've been avoided && the hurt prevented.

Looking at the person they're with now, we sit constantly wonder what she has that we don't, what she could possibly give him that we never did, && more importantly what he sees in her.. because it couldn't possibly be looks.

After things end you want everything back.

The good the bad and the painful.

You regret the decisions made
& hate knowing they wont change
but still you continue to bend over backwards wishing they would simply meet you half way.

The more people that tell you you deserve better the more in love with them you fall.

&& listening and genuinely believing the lies they feed you once they're yours again, well temporarily that is, is a recipe for disaster but then again, pain is a better feeling than not feeling at all.
We start to cry, not the kind of loud sobbing
we're used to, our crying is private, as
though we are carrying out a necessary
ritual that involves no one else.
The hardest part is knowing we have
to change how we feel because
we can never change who they are.

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