February 13, 2009
By chaskins SILVER, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
chaskins SILVER, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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I was sold into slavery before I was two
My mama prayed to the lawd that one day we would be free.
I was sep'rated from my papa when I was baby
The only reason I am still with my mama is 'cause I was too young to be on my own
But next month comes that awful day, when I am to go to my new owner

I was sold to a family of eight
At least I was to do all the work
They had one other servant Melissa, she was the pretty folk
She was sold when she was fifteen years
She knows how to read, but she only does that at night
When the mister is sleepin
I told her that when I am ten I want to be able read.
But I am only five

The master caught Melissa read'n today
She was whipped five times
Then I had to do all the work
I had to cook the meals, warsh the dishes, and clean up after the kids
Melissa had to stay in bed and was restn up
And at night we would read and try to write but we weren't very good
Hopefully we can become free, and one day eat bountiful amounts of food
But that won't happen because I am black

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem becuase I am interested in slavery and black people!

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