Blue Cotton Blanket MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

The room, painted in pinks and purples,
holds a dark wooden crib
inits corner.
The radiator clicks softly on,
lulling the newborn
Outside, wind bullies
the evergreen trees;
a yellow rubberball
rolls along the cracks of
an empty gray patio.
A babymonitor,
perched on top of the
hardwood dresser,
keeps watchwith
undulating red eyes.
I am babysitting, but
also tucked awayunder
that blue cotton blanket
listening to the lullaby
the mobile'sdangling characters
sing to me;
brought back to a time
when my own pinkroom
was lined with plump teddy bears and
bubbly hearts.
The air wasdense with baby powder and
That little room was the extent ofmy
outer world.
I see an image leaning over my crib
pulling that blueblanket over me.
I look up and see myself.
Picking up the teething ring andbottle from the floor
I gently kiss that baby's forehead.
As I leave thatprotective room
I also leave part of myself in the
oak crib -
still hoping.

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