January 16, 2009
By Robert Taylor, Oak Lawn, IL

I'll send my regards and all the love in my heart,
Seal the box with tape and a kiss goodnight.
A delivery of every star in the sky,
A postal service with my soul intertwined.

Hope dedicated to spending a lifetime holding you,
With each passing year the passion progresses.
I've got a knack for romance when I hear your voice,
So may every wish of this eternity breathe.

Counting down the tragedies over life,
Waiting for the moment I may break free.
Set sail on the clouds to a new day,
The adventure to the newest beginning.

Through the horrors of love I am restrained,
Time awaits the moment our fingers lace.
A million years and I can slide me hand down your cheek,
Stare deep into Hazel eyes and be reborn.

Rest the needle upon the record,
Tonight we trip into the light of out future.
I'll ruffle your hair and smile bright,
Say today is the start of something beautiful.

The author's comments:
Full name Robert Roy Taylor 4th.

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