The Beach

July 14, 2009
By JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
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The rusty sign stuck in the ground was barely readable,
But the stark white letters that read “Beach Entrance” were still visible.

As I walked towards the coast, I slipped out of my sandals, leaving them behind. I burrowed my toes under the sun-baked sand, feeling a sense of satisfaction.

I craned my neck back, looking towards the sky.
White seagulls dipped into the blue, glassy sea.
The bright sun reflected brilliant hues of summer colors off of the glass water surface.

The sea. The perfect, clear blue color, the surface unmoving.
Even with the commotion of the swimmers and kids, waves rarely broke on the coast.


People lay sprawled all over the coast, covered in multiple colored towels and umbrellas.
Kids eagerly built sand castles near the coast.
Even though the occasional wave would destroy their creations, the little ones seemed unaffected, and began to build another one, as eagerly as the first.
I couldn’t help but grin.

I started to sprint now, getting closer and closer to the sea with each stride.
I shed off my shirt, hat and sunglasses, leaving them in a disorderly pile behind me.

I sprang into the air, arms spread out like wings, as I seemed to glide on the gentle, salty sea breeze.
I brought my hands together, clapping them in front of my head.

I squeezed my eyes shut, and broke through the cool, glass surface.

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