July 14, 2009
By Sarvesh Gupta BRONZE, Shamli, Other
Sarvesh Gupta BRONZE, Shamli, Other
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Ask nature-the knower of all secrets,
Thou will get the answer.

How I got chance to be born,
To enjoy the beauty of the morn.
How I got care to be grown,
To live in the great bond.(Of love)

Ask nature-the creator of all bonds,
Thou will get the answer.

On a morning day cool,
I hear the sweet chirping of the birds,
The dove, the cuckoo and their herds.
My heart sings along with their flutes,
And my dreams get colored,
In their relinquishing colours.
But my soul still asks a question,
Who doth give thee the air to fly and the voice to sing.

Ask nature-the knower of all songs,
Thou will surely get the answer.

On a winter morning, still wet,
I sit on the grass grown,
Its fine ends so soft as newly sown.
My pant still wet with the morning dew,
And my eyes still searching for a flower new.

Eventually my attention attracted by something crimson blue.
As I went nearer I saw a rose,
No less red than the heart of a horse,
And a bird’s heart would have been less tender,
So it seemed to have come from heaven’s lawn.
Fluttering and dancing in the morning breeze,
It conveyed the message of love and peace.
Now my hand went to pluck it with ease,
But a thorn was waiting to cease.
The thorn pricked me harshly,
And I cried “Who doth give painful thorns with roses fine”.
(Symbolization of joy and sorrow)

Ask nature-the maker of all thorns,
Thou will get the answer.

On a cloudy day ready to rain,
I was walking on the forest floor with ease,
Enjoying the beauty of the trees.
And the groundnuts in my socks,
Added to the joy of the walk.
The buzzing of the bees, the croaking of the frogs,
The chirping of the birds, the crushing of the leaves,
Created a song so sweet,
Sweeter than all the sweets.

Then I sat under an Oak,
On the soft-wet floor,
Munching each groundnut in glee,
And a squirrel staring at me,
Seemed to be interested too.
She hesitatingly came near me,
In the hope that she would get some too.
I was kind at heart, so gave her more than two.
But not contended she demanded for more,
So I kept the packet on the forest floor.
Both of us enjoyed the nuts till the end,
Thus I made a new friend.

But this time not a question,
But a thought- sacred arises in my mind,
That God the almighty great- the universal architect,
Is the great designer of the world.
Nature is but a name given,
To all his creations-great,
So when we are in distress,
We leave it on fate.
So when you have a doubt-

Ask nature-the other name of God,
Thou will get the answer.

The author's comments:
This is my first composition and I love it.

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Joanna said...
on Jul. 26 2009 at 10:33 pm
Joanna, St. Catharines, Other
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It's an interesting poem... the concept is very complex and wonderful. I got confused at times though. Halfway through the poem, you seemed to change the writing style. You had a good pattern going with the "Ask nature" lines and the corresponding verse, but then you just started to write verses where ever. I liked the conclusion you drew in the end though. I was also confused by the brackets at the end of the seventh paragraph. Are they a mistake, or a part of the poem I missed? Please reply, because I'd really like to know.

The other things I noticed were just small things, like the absence of a question mark on the question at the end of the fourth verse and minor problems in the flow of the poem.

This poem has so much potential, and I'm glad that you like it. I hope my comment doesn't take away from that fact. It's your first work and it is really, really good. I can't even begin to imagine the things you will write when you get more practice.

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