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July 14, 2009
By Katelyn Rader SILVER, Sacramento, California
Katelyn Rader SILVER, Sacramento, California
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you say you want to
be somebody.
well, i'll tell you that
you can be
somebody, but you're
going to have to get
off your fat butt and
do something about
life doesn't come easy,
you'll only make it
through with people
who care about you by
your side.
so, don't screw people
over unless they screw
you over first or even
think if it is worth it.
are you worth it?
only you know the
believing in only yourself,
gives you the chance to
believing in others,
gives you the chance to
hold the cards of the
believing in life,
will bring you goodness,
hope, love, and a path
to greatness.
we hope.
who said life was this
because they are
it isn't,
and if there's one
thing you learn from
may it be...
less than nothing is earned in pushing
others down.
when they push you down,
you benefit from it.
you gain
the power, the strength, the wisdom,
and the courage to do what is right.
so, the next time you push someone
down think about who's benefiting
from it.
you or them?
go ahead.
be selfish.
or be generous.
nobody knows which
way is right and
which way is wrong in
the end.
you decide who you
want to be.
love others without judgment because you
can't feel what they feel.
the pain, the suffering, the love, the
generosity in all that we do will never be
felt until you learn that life is more than
waking up everyday with some purpose,
the purpose of having to go to school or
work in, order to earn a living.
so, you can pay the bills and put food on
the table, but is it all really going to matter
in the end?
I don't think so...and i'm pretty sure you
don't either.
so, what are you going
to do?
are you going to go live
your life screwing
people over,
destroying lives,
living the high life at the
expense of others
because it's not going
matter at the end of it
or... are you going to
respect people for who
they are, and be a
someone what some
might call real?
(you get to make up
your own definition of
you choose.
nobody's going to
choose for you, and i'm
not here to say that i
have either. it can be a
difficult decision.
but in the end,
all you got to do is
trust that what you pick
is the right way.
i mean, the right way for
you because for some,
the right way is the bad
way to someone else,
but neither of us know,
for sure, which way is the
right way to turn.
it's like left or right, at the
long way or shortcut?
because some need to
learn life the hard way,
and others can have
everything figured out
sometimes, it's all about
sticking to what you
(and therefore believing
in yourself).
maybe you're wrong,
but you're not going to
learn that lesson unless u
i tried but i failed.
it's better that i learned
that lesson than let
myself hang there on a
tree branch like a
monkey waiting for
someone to throw it a
banana. but,
it's not gonna learn how
to feed itself unless it
gets its freaking butt of
the f*cking branch and
gets its own god damn
excuse the language,
but I see that it might be
not for you but for me.
this is more for me than
sometimes, we need to
teach ourselves stuff
because that's the only
way we will learn
anyways, let's learn from
life and live from
in the end, i believe it's all about love,
love for others and most of all, ourselves.
if we don't have love for ourselves,
how will we ever know how to love others?
i mean, really? we've heard something like
this a thousand times, but just sit here for a
second, and really think about it.
we don't figure out what love is by
observing. we have to learn by feeling.
and we first "feel" ourselves right?
(not an innuendo)
shouldn't it be that we love ourselves first,
and then, we figure how to love others?
truly think about that
or don't. just sit there on
your butt reading this for
gosh knows what
reason. probably
because you are bored
(i do stuff like that a lot).
let's not be
bored. let's actually do
something productive.
you don't have to
agree. let it sink in for a
second or two, and see
what happens.
ponder what life is
ponder how love is.
what love is.
how love feels.
to be loved.
to love.
comes from life.
so, if you want your
life to end,
then obviously you
have run out of
love or the feeling
of being loved
it doesn't matter if
someone else loves you,
or if you love someone
else. you mite still be
but, if you love yourself,
that should be enough
to say "no! want to live. i
have to live.
love comes from life
and i don't want lose all
that love i have for
myself, and also, for
make the decisions!
(i cant believe that's
coming from me, the
worst decisionmaker
ever) but, seriously, i
need to learn more from
myself, and this is one
we need to chose.
from the big things to
the small things, it
doesn't matter.
we need to make
and love ourselves
as well as others.
and enjoy life for all
it's worth because
God knows when
he's going take it
away from us, but
we don't.
so i'll sign this, seal this, and deliver this,
cause this is yours.
(& mine, i wrote it for me, but it should
be for everyone because i'm not the
only one who can learn from it)
Create Life from Love and Love from

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