My Love

July 13, 2009
By Anonymous

My love is what people say is hard to believe, im trying to bring love amongst the world and open up eyes to one who can't see. Love is something that hurts the most, when you fall in love with one who love you back makes you feel toasted. Im one people take as a joke, but when i give love to another it makes them want to choke. In a good way and never in a bad, im spreading as much as i can so those who aren't happy shall never be sad. My love is something that is o' so real, like holding one tight and showing them just how it really feels. Like God seperated the Red Sea im going to seperate your flaws, show people around the world that we're like flies amongst a wall. No bother to anyone just us and the world, "My Love' is so real it makes others want to hurl. This is deep and im giving it to Love, may our strenght stay hard and our bodies be held above.

The author's comments:
This poem is meant to make one believe in what they did not before. To show the reader that love is amongst us and we need to just give it a chance within what hurts the most. I am Mia' Lycia and this is "My Love."

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