Shadows MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Ihold in my hand a barren disposition
the fruits sucked early from a prematuremind.
look at all the loss.
Stare daggers at me while youeat.
"Sir, would you like a refill?"
I bet you would, but that issomething finished I can't replenish.
"Where's your coffee, ma'am? Comingright up."
Talk about me as I walk away, look at my hair andassume
it's pills and smoke that make punctuality waver.
Things aren't thesame as in your day
live in the now, learn to change
but we're past thatpoint anyway.
The desert in you dries its surroundings;
lack of rainbanished all semblance of clouds.
"Hey waiter, how about some cream andsugar?"
cream and sugar? oh right, how silly of me. "Here youare."
Now throw your new curses, other conjectures formedblindly.
Cream and Sugar stand alone
hey Cheese, you've gotfriends now.
$5.82 meal, six bucks
keep the change.
how generous. Don'tlook at me when you leave.
Shift is ended
thank God I can leave
bellsjingle on the door
hello Night.
Traverse through the slums on my wayhome
kinds whinin', wives cryin', engines whizzin' by
what music for themoon.
Tall unshaven man in the shadows
approaching wide toothless grin.don't touch my coat.
"Sir, can you spare some change for aveteran?"
ha, don't make me laugh,
buddy, you missed Ho Chi Minh byabout twenty years.
"Sure, here's eighteen cents." it won't helpyou
but neither will five hundred.
"God bless you, sir."
yeah,I know. "Merry Christmas." think of a better story.
Back to walkingand listening to the music
ah, America - Land of Opportunity - keep tellin'yourself that.
Finally home
home to empty fridge, musty walls,
moth-eaten sheets,
and cracklin' TV
wrap up, try to keep off thechill
flip on the tube, press play
recline in the chair and watch"Leave it to Beaver"
ah, if only it were so easy as this black andwhite, Mrs. Cleaver.

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