daddys girl

January 31, 2009
I came on home from school today
my heart hurt with so much pain
entered the house but found no joy
can't stop thinking of that boy
Gripping my chest, i think it'll burst
my mutilated body will find no hurst
i run to the kitchen to grab a knife
Thinking about my horrible life
burning tears roll down my cheeks
Knowing how my wrist will bleed
I walk to the room where this body will lay
Leaving a note just to say
"Dear dad, this is your daughter, your only babygirl.
I hurt myself because my love unfurled.
I'm leaving this world with so much hate, realizing you'll always remember this date.
Now i understand what you meant when you said,"Daddy's love will never go dead".
Ending and sealing with just one kiss,start to cut at my ankles and wrists.

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dancestar said...
Dec. 2, 2011 at 1:55 pm
wow so touching nd jst so great job...nd i hope u find someone to help u...dnt hurt urslef...ur worth more than tht :)
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