January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

A beautiful image
Stars piercing the skin of black sky.
"Let's go for a walk".

Hand in hand,
Heart to heart,
Mouth on mouth.

A tender image,
Towering redwoods encircled that single treestump.
"Be mine forever".

Hands in shirt.
Heart in lust.
Mouth on neck.

A scary image.
A zipper rapidly jerking down.
"Now love me."

Hands set.
Heart thumping.
Mouth on collarbone.

A haunting image.
Little girl lost forced into his shadow.
"That's it."

Hands on shoulders.
Heart striking hard
Mouth everywhere.

An unforgivable image.
A day of sun-lit smiles hiding her regrets.
"We're done."

Hand slapped across face
Heart frozen to ice
Mouth shut tight.

A secret image
A life of petrified fears to lock her in place
"Never talk to me again"

He left her
Numbed into a walking, talking robot,
One who could never cure
The venom he strew through her veins.
A pain to stalk her silhouette
Day by day.
His hands, his heart, his mouth
His words.

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