We Can Only Hope, Only Wish

January 19, 2009
By Bria Baylor, Stevenson, MD

I'm proud to be black
It ain't wrong or wack

The problem existing is stereotyping
The problem existing is prejudging
The problem existing is discrimination
The problem existing is of our nation

Not only does it exist but I feel it
But I hate that I have to deal with it
It's uncomfortable and unsettling
And this I what I'm sitting here thinking:

"Why they look at me like I'm stealin'?
Why they assume I'm drug dealin'?
Why they always think of me like that?
Why they make it seem like it's wrong to be black?

Why do they think I'm uneducated and don't know a thing?
Why do they think all I eat is chitlens and fried chicken wings?
Why do they think I'm shootin' up everyone?
Why do they think I can't get nothin' done?

I don't like the looks I'm given
I don't like the stereotype thrown my way
I don't like the harsh words they spittin'
I don't like after MLK, we have so many issues to this day"

Changes need to be made
We need an upgrade
MLK had dreamt it
How are we going to execute it

The journey has started
But after MLK departed
Inspiration died
How do we survive?

These problems continue to grow
Only black skin can actually know,
Know how it feels to go through this
We can only hope, only wish

The author's comments:
Written from what was heavy on my heart

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