Moonlight Abyss

July 12, 2009
By shyaintshy GOLD, Fontana, California
shyaintshy GOLD, Fontana, California
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Where are my stars?
Fireflies in the sky
Throbbing balls of fire—
My hope, my life, my love.
Where have they gone?
My sky is dark
Shadowed and veiled
Who knows what is hidden from me
Beneath the concealing mist—
What secrets I will never know
Nightmares hide behind the sun
But dusk is their morning—
Night beckons, and they come to play.
I can hear the silence call
Dry leaves crumble to dust
And the moon is so alone
She mirrors my isolation.
I lie among the shattered things
Where the scarlet flowers bloom
And the scarred remains
Of what never was
Lie broken at my feet.
Where are my stars?
My sky is dark, frightening
Menacing, for it is the unknown
For I don’t understand
I can’t comprehend
How so many shinning jewels
Could just disappear, without warning—
Or perhaps there was one
I just didn’t heed it
Didn’t see the CAUTION sign—
Or, if I did—I didn’t believe it.
No cloud could hide their glow—
Not all of them, at least—
And yet, there is not a single lantern in the sky
The moon hangs, forgotten
The only apple in the tree.
Someone stole them
And I knew it was coming
But my subconscious needs to learn
To speak above a whisper—
I cannot hear a thing.
My stars once sang
A light-show lullaby—
I miss their twinkling faces
My only friends—they’re gone.
For now the silence leaves me
I am not ready for the game—
But the nightmares hardly mind
I make for easy prey.
Where are my stars?
They’ve been stolen
And I know it wont be long
Before the moon grows weary
And chooses to grace another—
I will stumble in the darkness
I will fall and run and crawl
Until I can no longer move
And when that time finally comes…
I make my bed among the ashes
This is where I belong.

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