So This Is Love?

July 12, 2009
By Anonymous

So this is what love feels like. Somehow I thought it would be better.
Like sleeping on a cloud or floating on a feather. Now Im laying staring at the ceiling. Only you can catche me from this falling feeling. I say I love you. Don't you realize it's true? I'm addicted to you and I can't help but stare. I feel so empty when you are not there. I hold out my heart and you take my hand. I try to forget, but I can't. You say friends but I want more. When I'm with you I feel I can soar. When I see your smiling face, my heart starts its uneven pace. All I ask is for one small kiss. So I have something more of you to miss. Tears fall down like rain. I swear love feels more like pain. Whether you wear your hair curly or straight baby your my death by fate. But if your my death I want to die. Cause at least it would be a sweet goodbye.

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