Un-Ending Overdose

July 12, 2009
By Nikita Ortwein SILVER, Royal Oak, Michigan
Nikita Ortwein SILVER, Royal Oak, Michigan
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Looking at just a simple picture of you
Sends a buzz through my head that burns and stings
I long for the days when we loved each other
But those days slipped out of my fingers at my own fault

I know you've gotten past us
Gotten past all the pain we caused each other
But i haven't I hold on to the love
To the burning pain

I know what a high you feel like
And what a poison you are
Your love was peaceful and bliss
Your pain was depressing and agony

I cringe at the words you spoke to me that broke my heart
Yet I hold on to your stinging words
As if they were a life raft in a sea of your engaging blue eyes

I must let go of you to more through this life
But when I hear your name
Spoken by those who know not of the meaning to me
Or see your eyes or hear your voice
Played in my head by devious memories
I lose all faith and fall back to you and back to my own demise

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