The Key of Life

July 11, 2009
By SoccerGrl517 SILVER, Hillsboro, Missouri
SoccerGrl517 SILVER, Hillsboro, Missouri
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Your body is a cage; inside it, your soul lies, locked up, waiting to be relinguished to the world.
It is up to you to find the key that will open your heart full of love and your soul that contains the person you truly are meant to be.
Once you let your soul go free you feel like you can do anything and everything, but sometimes your conscience can get the best of you and make you want to lock yourself away...again where even you do not recognize yourself or where you belong.
The journey of life is not just to be born and grow older just so you can die.
It's about living which many of us take for granted.
Living your life the way it should be lived; Happily, peacefully, full of love and friendship.
It is about giving;not just to people in need, but to everyone.
It is about accepting people for who they are and loving them anyway.
It is about LEARNING.
Learning to give without recieving.
Learning to be patient and forgiving.
Learning to forgive not only others but yourself for mistakes you have made.
Learning to open up and let go.
Learning to love yourself and let others love you.
It is about accepting death for what it is and if you went the right way for your soul to keep living.
Everyone deserves a chance, you never know what they have to say till you let them speak.
Knowing to be your own person, knowing to accept yourself for who you are even if you think no one else does.
It is about FINDING.
Finding who you really are behing the vail that shades everyone's true face.
The answer to every question is not only find yourself in your own eyes, but in GOD's eyes too.
Fore he is the immortal being who gave you life and who will help you emerge from the shell around you, to escape the bitter truths and cruelty of this world, be the footprints that guide you along the path to your destiny.
Where your heart needs to be...


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