July 11, 2009
By lifeisabeautifullie BRONZE, West Brooklyn, Illinois
lifeisabeautifullie BRONZE, West Brooklyn, Illinois
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I feel as my heart thrums
In rhythm with the beat of the drums
The deep boom of the bass
Brings a smile to my face
The scream of the guitar makes me happy
Making my day seem a little less crappy
I hear that awesome sound
And it lifts me off the ground

Music is the life within me
The one thing makes me feel free
No matter how bad things are in a day
Music reminds me things are going to be okay
Music gives me a sense of relief
And helps me to deal with my grief
It helps me to deal with my sorrow
Reminding me there's always tomorrow
Music is my obsession
And helps relieve the pain of depression
Music is an inspiration
My independent declaration
Music screams the words I am afraid to speak
Helping me when I feel weak
When life doesn't seem fair
Music assures me that somebody does care
Without music I don't know what I would be
But I know that I would not be me

The author's comments:
I had wanted to write an essay about how music made me feel, but I just couldn't put it into the write words until one day I was driving in the car blasting my favorite CD and I noticed how I could feel my heart beating in rythymn with the drums and this poem just came out without effort after that

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