Never Stop

July 10, 2009
By arlpolobabe12 BRONZE, Augusta, Michigan
arlpolobabe12 BRONZE, Augusta, Michigan
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Don't let people tell you
Who you are and who you're not
Nobody else knows
They don't know what you've got
People will judge
Judge what they first see
But they don't know
Don't know what's inside of you and me
Don't let their words stay
Don't let their words hold you back
For their words are not worthy
Never let them force you to crack
They're going to keep pushing
Pushing others out of their way
They just want to get to the top
But they'll be alone at the end of the day
They'll try to dim
To dim your light
So never give up
Never give up the fight
Don't let them in
In on your dreams
They'll try to rip them apart
Rip them apart at the seams
So keep on shining
Shining ever so bright
Never stop glowing for anyone
No one else can eliminate you light

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