would you love me if ?

July 9, 2009
By abby drummond BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
abby drummond BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
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would you love me if......
would you love me if my teeth didnt shine
a few things were draggin and saggin behind?
would you love me if all i had was a penny in my pocket and i was proud
would you love me if i talked to loud?
would you love me if i only thought of myself as a whore?
because all my life thats what i heard and nothing more?
would you love me if i had two left feet, but i stood up to dance at
every single party when i heard a beat?
would you still love me if i told you to stick it where the sun dont shine?
would you still love me till the end of all time?
if you said yes to any of these things, it is my heart that i would bring
i would go to every corner of the world and bring you the finest things
i would search and scower every place every tower
and do everything in my power
to bring you the world
i would love you when you are too sad to love yourself
i would love you when we have nothing not a penny to our name
and if you were in bad health
i would nurse you back alive so you can sit by my side
because without you i couldnt and wouldnt feel alive
i would love you and defend you when you couldnt be brave
i would sheild you and protect you
when someone dishonored your name
for you a thousand and one lions i would tame
i would cutt out my own tounge an for you i will become lame
i would scower the ocean floor all though i cant swim i would gladly jump in
even though i couldnt swim if i had sevral fins
i would love you even more
i love you more than me
for you i would walk a thousand and fifty streets naked crowded from
bakery to bakery
be arressted and beaten happily
by the police
stark naked laughing madly
like i was sitting down watching my favorite comedy
because baby with all the crazy,messed up and screwed up things in this life
...you make it bearable and alright

The author's comments:
about love and the stupid questions that come with it

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