The look of Love

July 9, 2009
By Lexiz44 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lexiz44 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I look at you in passion
You look at me with no words
My entire look says I love you
But all I can tell is that I’m a best friend
The love I have is hidden
I hide it behind friendship
Your eyes pierce me
Daggers, knifes, swords come at me
Faster than the speed of life
I withstand the fact that I have the title of “best friend”
But under wraps I know that you know I love you
We play, we fight, we kid around but with all though small things we both know we love each other

Love is all over you
At least towards me lol
I talk to you knowing that you love me
You do the same
I have the respect that you don’t want anyone to know
Public we’re just friends, close friends
Alone we’re more
Alone we can do, be, and say any thing
When it’s just us
I can do any thing
The way you look and me
I see that your love won’t go

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