Forever is True

July 9, 2009
By nessa billings BRONZE, Durhamvile, New York
nessa billings BRONZE, Durhamvile, New York
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As you took my hand and led to me to my dream come true,
my world flashed back to what i once knew,
knowing how i've changed,
and diffrent point of views,
i realized it was all because of you,
you took my world by the single strands it was held by,
tied them in knots and helped it come back alive,
you took my heart for evey beat,
and gave me the key to know defeat,
as you layed me down in the dream ive always needed,
you kissed me as though im the one that made your life succeeded,
you called me your baby and wispered i love you quitely in my ear,
my mind drifted away and i melted in your arms,
staring into your deep blue eyes,
i felt your love in so many diffrent ways,
you made me a promise of faith and made it forever,
and i know deep in my heart forever is true.

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