i love her

July 9, 2009
i'd lay my life down for you,
make our love be true,
your golden face....let me see it shine,
a partner for life will you be mine?,
i dont have much to offer,
so i'll give you my heart for now,
one day i will place a ring on your finger,
when i speak my wedding vow.

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intoxicating_hello_kitty said...
Jul. 19, 2009 at 3:07 pm
this is for someone i ment almost a year ago, although i feel like it was a life time. i feel in love with her the moment i saw her. we were instently best friends. we slowly feel in love i waited months to be with her. ppl told me to give she wasnt worth it. but to me she was worth everything and still is. every time she was absent, or gone for a week in the hospital,or when she was gone for a week and i had no idea what happened or were she was i spent every day crying. we went out for 2 month... (more »)
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