A Love Erased By Time

July 9, 2009
Our Love was quick,
and passionate. It burned
like a raging flame. A flame
ignited by the embers of
passion from within our hearts,
ones we could not tame. But unexpectedly our flames were extinguished, without any sign.
It was apparent ourlove had ended.
A love erased by time.

Our love was one for the ages.
Like those experinced in dreams.
Our hearts were intertwined with
one another like thread in a garment intertwined at the seams.
Our love was very seldom, extremly
hard to find. A love that vanished quicly. A love erased by time.

I will never know what coused it.
How our love faded so fast. it seemed as though it would not end,
though it did not last. Left with the ashes, of what once was, I
reminiseon our time.And the everlasting memory of our love.
A love erased by time.

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