Anapestic Tetrameter Poem:

July 9, 2009
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The time of a war is a time of deceit
and a time for some rulers to hide their own pride.
The desire for great glory conceals the defeat
to the point where the people will cease to abide.
When a war strikes the land, the destruction that’s wrought
will remove the delight from success of the fight.
The red carnage of war will obscure man’s last thought,
and soon man regrets his desire in his plight.
With the passing of time, man will ponder the worth
of succumbing to passion to kill those alive.
The robotic desires bring defiance to birth
and allow for the absence of reason to thrive.
To prevail, man destroys all remains of the land
for the founding of novel and altered designs.
Although kings believe men achieve their demand,
the euphoric, divine warlord smiles in his shrine.

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