A Dream Called Addie.

July 9, 2009
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18 years old, chose to go bold
Serving his country as one, through the crosshairs of a gun
Leaving his family behind, defending the rest of mankind
No longer fighting against his brothers, he's killing others
Addie, Addie, say bye bye to daddy
Bullet in daddies head, no one to tuck poor Addie in bed
Mommies cuts go deep, she isn't waking up from her sleep
Poor Addie's left alone, no one to see her grown
No daddy to play tea party, just foster parents being hearty
Addie oh Addie, where is your daddy
He's dead, protecting each tear you've shed
Addie's grown to ten, best friends with Ben
Who's parents left him to rot, a rather weak spot
Depressed, stressed, second guessed, there Sunday's best
Church every week, its there technique
Falling in love together, away goes the bad weather
Until the day, when Ben moves away
Addie oh Addie, where is your daddy
The day is grim, his parents came back for him
Addie's grown to fourteen, Ben is unseen
Not a single call, Addie feels small
Unimportant, almost no-one, she's about done
People make fun, that poor Addie's left with none
No parents to crawl in bed with, left with Mr. Smith
Her replacement father, why does she bother
Addie oh Addie, where is your daddy
Addie grown to sixteen, church is no longer her routine
Feeling as if god has abandoned her, left in a blur
She takes some pills, enough that it kills
Now poor Addie, is up with her daddy
A knock at the door, there stands Ben with flowers for
A dead Addie, just like her daddy.
Addie oh Addie, ill be with you and your daddy
Ben starts to roam, and then goes home
Pulls out the gun which he hates, and debates
Nothing to live for, his brains hit the floor
Addie oh Addie, is with her daddy.

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kayleefaith said...
Nov. 3, 2009 at 12:27 pm
absolutely the best ive read in a looonngg time (: thanks for sharing it with everyone. such an inspiration!
Hannahbear<3 replied...
Nov. 25, 2009 at 4:45 pm
ya its amazing, that is some talent ya got there buddy :)
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