The Nine Month Friendship

July 8, 2009
By Camille Borodey BRONZE, Woodinville, Washington
Camille Borodey BRONZE, Woodinville, Washington
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September is when we meet
I sat by you in chemistry
And thought you were strange but sweet
October was homecoming time
I’m not going to lie
Wearing that tight pink dress
I looked fine
You claimed you wanted me as your date
that would have been great
But when the time came it to ask it was too late
Your girlfriend went back home
I hoped I helped you not feel too alone
All I really remember
Is that one day you said I was cute
I was quite flattered
All these months lead up to June
And you’ll be graduating soon

January started checking you out
eyeing you muscles
I knew you were crushing
Though I had my doubts
February you went to Germany
For those two weeks I was quite lonely
March we had two classes
Keeping grades up
Not trying to fall
And we talked more and more
There was a mystery
It was hard to keep score
April you asked me out
“About damn time!” I wanted to shout
You came over
I fell asleep
And woke up with you kissing my shoulder
Remember you spent the night?
We didn’t do it though
It would have no felt right

Once I told you to slow down
If we moved to fast
You might not stick around
You took me to prom in May
After that we hung out everyday
Remember that vampire game
We used to play
And now I knew I wanted you to stay
because along with the marks on my neck
The doubts had faded

I knew it wouldn’t last forever
But at least we would have a great summer
Before you went to college
But you wouldn’t be far
We could make it work since we both had cars
All these months lead up to June
And you’ll be graduating soon

The day before graduation
Cell phone rang
All day you had acted strange
You told me it was over
Sorry was the last thing you said
My phone in my hand
Tears forming in my eyes
As I sat in the same bed
and cried and cried
Remember when I told you to take it slow
Well now you said you weren’t ready for this
You sound like a hypocrite
I’ll never forget our last kiss
All these months lead up to June
And you graduated way too soon
Was it worth it in the end?
No, because in the end I lost a friend

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