Not Ending Time

July 8, 2009
By Alexandra Kahtava GOLD, Lenexa, Kansas
Alexandra Kahtava GOLD, Lenexa, Kansas
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A quiet scene,
Set in the dark.
A lone boy,
Just following his heart.
The streets are damp,
With scattered mildew,
And the sidewalk lamp,
Is anything but true.
Other boys,
Not so innocent,
Raise their one voice,
To foreshadow an incident.
The lone boy's heart,
Starts beating faster,
And this next part,
Is just a disaster.
The boys draw near,
With violent remarks,
And the intense fear,
Hinders the lone boy's barks.
One blow to his face,
Knocks him down,
And this unfair race,
Is won by a clown.
Kicks to his stomach,
Cause him to cry.
As their eyes are demonic,
Not caring if he dies.
Their wish comes true,
As his body lays still.
The boy black and blue,
Slowly going chill.
The boys walk away,
Aware of their crime.
Just another end to another day,
Not ending time.
A quiet scene,
Set in the dark,
A lone boy,
With a broken heart.

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