The Harbor

July 8, 2009
What do I smell in the Harbor?
I smell Clam Chowder
Just waiting to be eaten
I smell the salty sea
Ocean air and fried seafood

Different sights to see
Different people to watch
Even different places to be

What do I see here at the harbor?
I see the ocean blue with seagulls flying above
yellow taxi cabs

A harbor is such a magnificent place to be; you can see all the ships and seagulls

What do you hear in the harbor?
I hear the crashing of the waves...
Swoosh, the talking of the crowds
and the damiliar vroom sound of
taxi cabs

Lastly, what do I feel in the harbor? I touch the Ocean as I swim through
I taste the icky salt water.
As I swim, I dive for shells to add to my awaiting collection

The Harbor is a magnifcent place to be

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