July 12, 2009
Please tell me
Why you do that
I hate it when you make me wait
Not knowing if your actually
Going to call
When I see your caller ID
Pop up
And that little person
Jumping up and down
With your name on the top
My heart literally
Skips a beat
But I hate
Waiting for that call
Just to hear your voice
But no
I'm waiting
And waiting
And waiting
Sometimes you don't call
And I fall asleep disappointed
But the next day
As I wait for your call
And your name pops up
I get excited
And pick up
I have a big my grin
As I'm talking to you
And I realize
You were worth
My waitng
And now
I'm waiting
For that next call
And the next itme I see you
Yep... I'm still waiting

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