July 9, 2009
By Lexiz44 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lexiz44 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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People think that KIDS got in easy. NO not really
Try being a kid having the wrong things hang over your head.
Try being 14 and having a J.O.B
Try being 14 and having to deal with losing a best friend
Try being a kid and still have the sadness of the one person you trust the most die.
Try being a being a kid and having the pressure of having to pick a high school and collage to go to for the 8 years.
Try having the knoloage that you still have the brain of a 6th grade
Bing a ked is harder then YOU ADULTS think you know
Try maintaining the thing you love most tithe your regular life
Try having a relationship with a person that you don eve see any more

Try going back 20 years from now and seeing how different your life is from us kids so when you say my life is harder than a kids
Try to think of what a kid is going through

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