nucleus knowing

July 6, 2009
By william GOLD, Commerce, Texas
william GOLD, Commerce, Texas
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when you think you know someone you forget about who they are. you don't count the rythm of their eyes.

yet you only know the outside, and you think you know them all, but you are yet to realize just how far you are.

people are like atoms grown to full size. they've got protons and nuetrons on the inside, when someone looks at the electrons they still don't know it all.

some know the gateway of the someone who seems known.

they eyes are the portal and the face the machin all you need is the mysterious key. they can see some of the protons and neutrons that flutter about, ignoring the electrons that seem to be the only things that matters so distrustingly.

they eyes can tell a story of stories yet in the magnet of eyes the mouth is in suprise.

people think they know what the elements of each person is. there's only a certain number of them, this can only be.

they think they know what is and, and what is to be, yet not knowing what element they could be.

once they figure this out they see farther than there is too see. that out there, there are more elements on the table seen.

when you think you know someone you will be yet in suprise of what the periodic eyes hold inside.

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