July 5, 2009
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In the forest, a cabin stood
Just outside of town.
There dwelled a maiden of beauty fair,
Who scarcely made a sound.

She walked paths seldom taken,
And thus was rarely seen.
But on quiet moonlit nights
You’d hear her singing by the stream.

She sung a tune so soft and sweet,
It darn near broke your heart.
A song that spoke of hurt and pain
Echoed in the dark.

When it came to friends, she had but one.
A young man, strong and wise.
It was only he who ever cared,
Who saw through her disguise.

Deep down under her cold façade,
And underneath the lies;
Was what remained of a little girl,
A broken smile in her bright blue eyes.

She gave him everything she had,
Til she had no more to give.
She smiled when she was pronounced ill;
She’d long ago lost her will to live.

Now that she’s no longer here,
Gone since last December,
I now can see how much she meant to me
For even now, I still Remember…

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JustMe said...
Jul. 8, 2009 at 7:03 pm
Wow!!!! that was beautiful!!!!! Great job :)
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