Suicide Turned Homicide

July 5, 2009
By Alexandra Kahtava GOLD, Lenexa, Kansas
Alexandra Kahtava GOLD, Lenexa, Kansas
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"trust me on this," she says as her hand clasps mine.
I do nothing but look her way and frown.
We stand at the edge,
Both of our pairs of toes teeter-tottering doubtfully.
"on the count of three, okay?" her voice sounds oddly excited.
Why she wants to do this,
I don't know.
"3" I loosen my fingers unnoticeably around hers.
"2" I move my feet away from the edge.
"1" she turns her head quickly as I release my hand from hers.
A leftover smile still on her face.
Before she can form a word,
My hand has assisted in her fall.
She is silent as her body cuts through the air.
She jumped alone.

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