July 5, 2009
By Maha Khan BRONZE, Stafford, Texas
Maha Khan BRONZE, Stafford, Texas
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Why limit yourself to only what you see?
You ought to recognize who you want to be
Don't take things the way they're given
Thats not the way life should be liven

Your eyes are closed and the world awaits
Don't wait for it to open the gates
That would be a long long time
To keep dipping old wounds in lime

Open the gates for youself now
If you look deep enough, you'll figure out how
Take the key into your own hand
Listen to your own command
See beyond, be beyond, go beyond it all
Keep track of your steps and you won't fall
Search beyond your highest expectation and find what you're looking for
If you set your view right you will open the door

The door that seperates dreams and reality
Upon which walking through, you shall see
The difference between the guided and lost
Don't make youself pay the cost

For not stretching your own mind
For not even trying to find
For making sad excuses
When you are the only one who loses

But one must not be intimidated by the past
So what if one time you came last?
You're still alive and the future waits for you
I know you are aware what to do

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