Pumping Our Own Gas

July 5, 2009
By Meg Weiss GOLD, Montville, New Jersey
Meg Weiss GOLD, Montville, New Jersey
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Did you know here in the big NJ we do not pump our own gas,we are the only state... What if the one you trusted the most turned their back on you, what would you do ? I'm not stupid! I know how it works, there are emails, txt messages, and phone calls. I knew that there was another person.I'm hurt by this, how could you fall into such a trap. Are you even in love ? The 4:30 am wake up call was not pleasent. I heard everything... Why would you do something like this. You knew we would find out. You might think that your secret calls with him are unsuspecting, but there not for your information. I now when your talking to him. How stupid do you think i am, I heard you and i hear you good and clear, so " Now we do not pump our own gas, are you happy now?''

The author's comments:
Being you own person is better than leaning on people

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