A Glimpse of Summer

July 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Sitting on the porch in summer,

This moment would seem perfect,
I think

To those driving by, but a glimpse is only a glimpse
Of what lies behind

My dog, sitting beside me, leaning against me
For love

Grinning, nose twitching at the sweet, syrup air
Of humid summer

A glass of lemonade, ice breaking and forming again

Sweating in my hand, feeling the sun

Its weight against my skin, an arm around
My shoulders

A palm against my scalp, illuminating
The garden

Of color on either side of me as I

Listening to the birds heard between the roaring of
Cars passing

Maybe glimpsing

A girl

With a dog

And lemonade

In the sun

Between the garden

The birds singing

And they might think, “How perfect,”

Never stopping to think about the
Picture just outside the frame.

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