July 3, 2009
By SemperFi GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
SemperFi GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
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From 4 to 16
You've been with me
Growing up together
Now you're free.
You're not in any pain
Although I can't see you anymore
I'm happy you aren't suffering
I will miss you for years more.
Your big brown eyes
Always filled with wonder
Your 'sneak attack' kisses
And running from thunder.
From running from the bird
To wrestling with the cat
You silly little looks
Dealing with that brat.
You never lost your temper
You were always by my side
Ready to trip someone to pet you
I've looked towards you with pride.
To know I'll never see you
It tears me up inside
I'm sorry I had to leave you
I wish I could have stood beside.
I wanted to be strong for you
To not leave you
I know you don't blame me
I'm sure you knew.
You were a strong old girl
Who lives on in our hearts
You were always the first to smile
Your crazyiness was off the charts.
I miss you sweet girl
I still look for you in your spot
I love you sweet girl
You will never be forgot.

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