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July 3, 2009
By SweetPgirl BRONZE, Smithfield, North Carolina
SweetPgirl BRONZE, Smithfield, North Carolina
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Love is like a spring river
Flowing over two souls, melting the ice of winter
With each drop, we grow closer together
Love is being free from worries
Knowing that one individual will protect you from harm
And would never bring you impairment on purpose
Being able to trust in the fact that you have someone who knows you
Love is having a most special bond with one who you find irresistible
Having a inner inclination towards that special person
An infatuation with the one with which you want to spend eternity
Having no secrets; freely sharing all that is on your heart
Love is like the wind, whispering to the hearts of all who will listen
Soaring through the trees that are baring their first fruits of the year
Giving breath to dead loves, renewing that flame that once burned so brightly
Having love means giving love
If you want love, you must give love
One can not expect love if he does not love
So in this season that is usually thought of young loves and new feelings
Give your love wisely, so you do not waste that special relationship on nothing
Give friendship where friendship is due
Give love where love is due
And have a most happy Valentine’s Day

The author's comments:
I wrote this for Valentine's Day back in January.

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mandygale77 said...
on Oct. 9 2009 at 1:35 pm
I love that! It's wordy, like my poems, which is cool to see, and also really hopeful and descriptive. I love Valentine's Day!

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