The Storm

July 2, 2009
By Jordanna Cooke BRONZE, Caribou, Maine
Jordanna Cooke BRONZE, Caribou, Maine
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Dark clouds gather
Threatening to let loose
Every animal runs for cover
Be it cat or mouse or moose

The aroma,
Just before the storm
Water droplets cling to humid air
As a rumble in the distance forewarns

Softly first,
Like the pitter patter of children's feet
Then, suddenly, water cascades down
Wiping dirt from the street

A fork of blinding light
Then the beast above the clouds
Bellows with all his might

Air tingles with electricity
The thunder echoes throughout
As cool, sweet water
pours from Heavens spout

The wind becomes a gale,
The rain becoming fierce
And everything begins to fear
The sound everyone hears

Through the rain, suddenly
The lightning sparks a flame
And animals run from the tree
Knowing lightning’s to blame

Nature sees its accident
And as quickly as it can,
It sends cascades of water
Before it bothers man

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