July 2, 2009
By Rose Stone BRONZE, San Francisco, California
Rose Stone BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Twice he looked around him
With dark surroundings he thrives
Hiding behind his umbrella’s brim
He clutches tightly his knives

Twice she combed her hair
Walked out to catch the breeze
That’s when he saw her standing there
Between the river and the trees

Twice he thanked the clouds
And the rain that poured down
But he hated the crowd
And the happy faces found in this town

Twice she looked at him
Standing alone
She saw his face cold and slim
Shivers flew to the bone

Twice he counted
Than walked faster and faster

Twice she flew up the steps
Than panted faster and faster

Twice he lost sight of her
Than she was gone

Twice she looked around her
Clouds grew apart like duckings and their mom

Twice she blinked
Awoke to realize her dream
Was lost and extinct
But then she heard a scream

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