Snowball Effect

July 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I was abused by a twisted beast
Who left and died to rest in peace

I told my story and confessed
But I still feel used and depressed

They said “It’s all in the past, you’ll be alright”
But I know I’ll never be able to sleep tonight

So I do what I can to help me cope
With all this meth, crack and dope

I fly so high and feel so numb
I don’t realize what I’ve become

Then one day my parents walked in
My bedroom smelling of heroin

They cried so much and asked me why
I said I don’t care I want to die

They offered to help me if I tried
To stop my drug habit but I denied

They yell get out and don’t ever come back
Unless you take our help and get back on track

So I take my stuff my drugs in tow
Without a home or place to go

I walk the streets as high as a plane
To find the guy who sold me cocaine

He says don’t worry you’ll be fine
Just stick with me and do a line

I sniff the powder through my nose
And feel it spread down to my toes

I wake up the next day with a pounding head
In an emergency room and hospital bed

The doctors say I came so close
To dying of an overdose.

This is what happens, the snowball effect.

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wsbsss said...
on Oct. 2 2009 at 12:56 am
wsbsss, Sunnyvale, Iowa
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I know way too much about the “snow ball effect” I can really identify with your poetry.

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