A Girl

July 1, 2009
By OneMoreWaywardPoet SILVER, Libertyville, Illinois
OneMoreWaywardPoet SILVER, Libertyville, Illinois
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"The world moves for love... It kneels before it in awe..."
- A quote from The Village

Digging a hole she knows she can't escape
Emotions take control
Fear and hatred overwhelm her brain
Shoveling pile after pile of lies
Load after load of guilt
The deeper she digs
The farther she falls from the secret
The one she'll never tell
The one that makes her ashamed of her own skin
The one that makes her hate the girl in the mirror
That girl who she no longer recognizes
Eyes swollen with tears she refuses to cry
Mouth clamped shut
Ears that hear
But don't listen
Skin rubbed raw because she can't seem to scrub hard enough to get clean
Trust broken
She hides
She's given up calling out for help
What's the point of being alive
If she's already dead inside
And She does'nt need anyone to tell her
How *** up she is
She already knows
She's too far gone anyways
Too distant
Buried too deep inside her own mind
To remember how she got herself into this situation anyways
Realizing that by taking control
She let herself go
But willing to board this train to no where
So long as they promise it'll be a bumpy ride

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