Self medication epic fail

July 1, 2009
By mattymurder BRONZE, Spring, Texas
mattymurder BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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With a picture perfect face,
but oh so far away,
thoughts of you wrapped around like lace,
there's alot more I could say.

I've lied to you before,
tales of infidelities trye,
I should have said this sooner,
my apoligies are due.

So take a glance around you,
pretend I'm right beside you,
Now we've found,
some common ground,
but it's too late I'm screwed.

I'm stuck here in the darkness,
with very little light,
seeing you less and less,
I've completely lost this fight.

so hear me shout,
hear me wail,
self medication,
is an epic fail.

My lungs can only take so much,
fumes from cigs and hash and blunts,
my liver should be tiring too,
from everclear and thoughts of you.

pounding headaches and addictions,
loves more always an affliction,
so chelsea can you not see?
your the only one for me.

December now brims the horizon,
the cold gets more and more tiresome.

so here I am, alone and cold,
am I 14? I forgot how old.
my wrist burn at the touch of everything,
give me some pills! anything anything.

your laughter stains my memory,
slowed reactions is what I see,
this mirror is flawed,
with the reflection of me.

You either help me or you don't
or maybe you just won't
but I need to stop,
I've got to stop.

So hear me shout,
hear me wail,
self medication,
is an epic fail.

The author's comments:
I was hospitalized from a drug overdose when i wrote this and I really wanted it published. It's really about how things aren't gonna get better no matter how many pills you take, how much you drink, ect...

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