July 1, 2009
By Anonymous


You come in and see my face.
See the sadness there,
The tiredness, i do not hide.

You ask me "Are you okay?"
and smile at me,
a smile that means the world to me.

A smile that shows someone cares.
A question that is so normal,
but yet is full of feeling.

I answer "Yeah, I'm okay."
And tell you the problem of the day,
and, all the while, i am smiling.

You have no idea,
how much a simple wuestion and smile,
light up my day and keep the darkness away,
at least for a little while.

So i want to say,
thank you,
for that smile and that question.

No matter how simple they are,
the smallest of gestures,
can make to biggest of differences.

So, thank you,
for all that you've done,
for helping me get through the day.

So this proves that a simple question,
and a kind smile,
make all the difference.

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