Matthew Get Clean

July 1, 2009
By mattymurder BRONZE, Spring, Texas
mattymurder BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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Matthew get clean, they always say,
Matthew begins to change.
Many people give advice,
on what is wrong, and what is right.

I'm oh so young, but not in spirit,
I wish one day they'll all see it.
I'll make my way, I'll do some good,
stable always, will be my mood.

I want to be appreciated,
one of thsoe great husbands,
who can solve any problem.

A natural born leader,
nothing devine,
a logical thinker,
I wanna be fine.

I'll help the weak, and always the sick,
I'll never again, sell my cheap tricks.
I'm changed for good, cant you see?

The author's comments:
when i started to better myself and whatnot.

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