My Old Days

June 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Sitting here in desolate days
My eyes avert to my old ways
Of turning roads and twisting paths
Off into the endless light
I laughed and played an incessant game
As times flew by my sanguine face
Before my time had come to learn
The dawn of cognizance fell much too soon
I was cast into a tumultuous sea
With crashing waves and maelstroms abroad
My distant callings were left behind
And time came to a standing moment
Hanging above my floating soul
A road was paved by numerous hands
Much too effulgent for my blind eyes
I couldn’t see the yellow line
The separation was an invisible wall
So time and time again I crashed
Into the unknown flow of obstacles
They struck me down with a wrath so great
So powerful they shook my spine
And though the tears splashed chronically
They left a trail of stained reality
But through the pain and misery
I learned a tale to tell to thee

The author's comments:
I believe everyone goes through a period in their life much like this.

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