My Favorite Place

June 27, 2009
By DarlingAngel SILVER, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
DarlingAngel SILVER, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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My favorite place
is where I alone go
no one is welcome
so I'm all alone

All by my self
so I wont get hurt
I dream up my life
as a sad little note

The outsides not let in
the insides not let out
all worlds
are turned about

doesn't exist
only dreams, and bliss

Shimmering lakes
with a moon, that shines bright
make a wish
the stars light the sky

The willow tree whispers
soft words to the wind
and it sweetly replies
with a soft gentle kiss

A mare of rare beauty
with a icy blue eyes
sings a song of pure pleasure
as she frolics on by

Across the green meadows
below the glistening stream
is where you'll find hope
you just have to believe

I walk a path
down a rickety road
beneath my heart
there lies a stone

A shadowy plane
filled with no shame
I sing a along
to my sad little song

As I walk on by
I'm told to stop
its time to leave
behind my thoughts

I spend every moment
I possibly can
in my world
that doesn't end

All I have to do
is close my eyes
then there's nothing
by my side

So as I dream
each,every day
I'll dream, and dream
the nights away

I'll always know
that when I'm down
I can travel across
this world iv found

Be welcomed by
the willow trees
and watch the mare
run threw the breeze

So in this world
My dear favorite place
I sit alone
and dream all day

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